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Thanks Beaver Builder for making me fall back in love with WordPress

Back in the day, I would use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build websites and soon began using WordPress for websites so that clients could update their website themselves. In order to use WordPress, it involved finding templates/themes that would have a look I was needing, then finding plugins and hacking together parts to make the website. Then a few years ago, I started using Squarespace and never turned back to using WordPress … that is until this year.

After using WordPress for a while to build websites, Squarespace was a breath of fresh air. I was now using a CMS that was built for websites instead of a CMS made for blogging. Squarespace had built-in modules/features, allowed for customizations, and much more.

Once Squarespace started changing pricing & features included in the different plans, I understood that was a business decision. The one thing that made me start to stop loving Squarespace was all of the downtime they were experiencing over a few months and still continue to experience. It seemed like it was for hours each time and would happen 1-2 times a week.

My current job has us using WordPress for all of our client websites and a page builder that would make me fall back in love with WordPress and that page builder is Beaver Builder. After trying Beaver Builder for myself, I purchased a subscription and have already built three live websites with it. I even switched my personal website from Squarespace to WordPress because I liked it that much. I can now use WordPress to build a website without hacking together a bunch of stuff just to build a basic website.

Thanks Beaver Builder for making me fall back in love with WordPress.

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