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Thanks Beaver Builder for making me fall back in love with WordPress

Back in the day, I would use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build websites and soon began using WordPress for websites so that clients could update their website themselves. In order to use WordPress, it involved finding templates/themes that would have a look I was needing, then finding plugins and hacking together parts to make the website. Then a few years ago, I started using Squarespace and never turned back to using WordPress … that ...
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Building a Digital Signage Solution for a High School Flex Mod Schedule

When the school district I was working at decided to switch to the Flex Mod schedule, they need a digital signage solution that included many different features.  The project started out with just a few features needed but soon the features list got very long.  Below is a list of the features needed: School announcements to begin showing from 5:30 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. Have a 5 minute countdown timer - this would replace the ...
Favorite Tech Gadgets and Software

Favorite Tech Gadgets, Software, Apps

This list contains some of my favorite software and tech gadgets. Software & Apps Web Browser: Google Chrome Music Player: Spotify Social Media Platform: Twitter Wireframe App: Balsamiq Prototype App: InvisionApp Mail Client (iOS): Outlook Web Reading: Pocket Notes App: OneNote Team Messaging App: Slack Team Project Planning App: Basecamp Gadgets Laptop: MacBook Air Tablet: iPad Air 2 Fitness Tracker: Apple Watch Smartphone: iPhone Media set top box: Apple TV Updated August 2018
Seinfeld Fan Trivia Alexa Skill

Seinfeld Trivia for Amazon Echo

As a huge fan of Seinfeld and knowing there’s still a large fan base, I developed a Seinfeld trivia game for the Amazon Echo. It’s a great game to play at your next Festivus party! If you have an Amazon Echo, launch the Alexa app on your device and search for the skill – Seinfeld Trivia.
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Why I choose Flywheel for WordPress web hosting

There’s tons of WordPress hosting companies out there and after researching & comparing many of them, I made FlyWheel my WordPress host for my clients. I have had the pleasure of having FlyWheel migrate a complex WordPress website from another host and it was done quickly and we didn’t experience any issues. I’ve also had the pleasure of setting up a website from scratch with FlyWheel.  One of the great features they offer is being ...

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